Teaching license

If you want to teach a Tigerguld project, please contact me for an inquiry. Please note that I do not issue any  Teaching Licenses for my Class projects, they are only taught by me.

My terms are the following:

  • A Teaching License is issued for a single named Tigerguld design, allowing the Teaching License holder to teach this design as many times as they wish
  • Tigerguld shall be credited for the design in everything that is related to the class(es), including advertising, photographs and printed materials
  • Each tutorial used for each class has to be bought separately, prior to or in conjunction with the class
  • A Teaching License does not negate the copyright of the tutorial used, nor is it allowed to rename the design in question
  • It is not allowed to resell the tutorial for the design in any way, to make videos or instructional materials using the tutorial, or to otherwise distribute the tutorial outside the class
  • If asked for, Tigerguld will provide the Teaching License holder with promotional photographs of the design in question
  • If the Teaching License holder sends information regarding upcoming class(es), Tigerguld will share information about the class(es) through Tigerguld’s social media sites
  • The Teaching License for each named design is €25, and will be issued after received payment to Tigerguld’s PayPal account
  • The Teaching License is non-transferrable and non-refundable
  • Tigerguld has the right to withdraw the Teaching License if it is misused in such a way that the the terms above are not met