battle of the beadsmith

I have participated in the Battle of the Beadsmith since the start in 2012. The contest has grown from 80 participants in the first year, to about 250 extraordinary beaders from all over the world. We have two months to create something unique and wearable, before sending in photos and meeting in duells until only one remains. Read more about my different entries here

Flower Power hippie beadle

This was my entry in a beading contest for the Swedish bead event Facett STHLM in 2012. The challenge was to cover something in beads, and I got the idea to cover up a 1967 VW Beetle. It turned out to be - a Beadle! 

All in all the beading took about 125 hours over 3 months. I stitched smaller parts using peyote stitch with Miyuki Delica beads, before assembling them together. The beaded body is only attached around the side mirrors and at the wheel houses on the bottom of the car. 


My necklace Serenity placed third in the Beadwork Jewellery category of the British Bead Awards 2013. The beautiful hand made ceramic fawn cabochon is madeby Laura Mears Designs.

peace of mind

In 2016 I was invited to participate in the Toho challenge, where selected artists get a bunch of beads to create something with. The water wheel was the start for the little scene of the fisherman on the docks. 

my origin

On the runestone from my hometown Björnlunda, the following inscription is written.

"Suainalti auk Suainunkr auk Asi auk Gas, thau lito raisa stain at Biarn, fadur sin nytan. Gud hialbi ant hans auk Guds modir". 

The runestone was erected around 1000 A.D. by four children in order to honour their father Björn. According to lore, Björn is said to have built the local church and to have given name to Björnlunda. The runestone is still standing by the forest's edge where it was once raised. 

Selection of other beadwork